Marketing is at the forefront of everything we do at Alliance. Its sets us apart from our competitors. Before we are your sales agent, we will first be your marketing agent and the importance of that role is not something we underestimate. Professional floor plans and photographs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how in-depth and intricate our bespoke marketing solution is.

Before placing a client’s property on the open market, we will always conduct thorough data analysis. Sourcing current, past and future evidence to ensure the property is correctly and accurately priced.

In addition to undertaking extensive on and off-line marketing, we will advise on staging, designing and showcasing your property in order to achieve the best possible price.

Alliance London is at the very forefront of utilising the latest technology to our client’s advantage. Cutting edge technology solutions allow us to deliver a more efficient and effective experience for all our clients. We have a vast amount of experience in targeted social media advertising, search engine optimization, pay per click and benchmarking. This provides our clients with a clear and concise analysis of our performance.

Most importantly our staff are trained to understand the importance attached to the sale of a property. Selling a property can sometimes be a complicated, stressful process and in many cases, it can be life changing. We never under estimate how important our role in this process is. At every turn one of our staff members will be on hand to assist and alleviate as much of the pressure as possible. Alliance believes in old fashioned customer service and as such we do not pass you from pillar to post. The person responsible for negotiating the sale on your property will also be the person responsible for seeing the transaction through to completion. This ensuring continuity and one point of contact throughout the entire process.