New Homes

Alliance London specialises in the sale of new homes. We act as a partner to our developer clients who choose not to have this function in house. We go to extraordinary lengths to understand the very fabric of each individual development. It is our job to understand the building to a forensic detail and then communicate each and every selling point to potential buyers. We understand just how much effort developers go to in order to make their building stand out from the crowd.

Frequently estate agents fail their house builder clients by not fully understanding the microscopic detail that has gone into making the end product. At Alliance we have a different approach. We work with the contractor and developer teams to ensure we have missed nothing when it comes to the sales and marketing materials and mediums.

Not only is it important to understand the product, a successful sales team will need to develop expert knowledge of the areas we are selling in. Local knowledge is invaluable in the sales of new homes. Especially in the London market with many buyers coming from around the globe. The more detail or knowledge our sales consultants poses, the more at ease potential buyers are. We understand this and we apply it.

We are as comfortable selling off plan as we are with launching a completed building. Our network of buying agents and investor clients from around the globe are experienced in both aspects of new homes acquisition.

Alliance can supply site sales staff if required and we are happy to man our clients stands at property exhibitions anywhere in the world. We have a number of multi lingual staff at our disposal and we find this invaluable in this field.